Work to remove Ainslie Wood creek from Hamilton sewer system continues


Published November 16, 2023 at 7:24 pm

The City of Hamilton is continuing public information sessions about the removal of the creek in Ainslie Wood from the city’s sewer system.

Back in the early days of Hamilton’s development, “naturally occurring stream flows were redirected to a combined sewer system in the Ainslie Wood Neighbourhood,” according to the city.

“This results in large amounts of stormwater being directed through the City’s combined sewer system. The stormwater mixes with wastewater from homes and businesses, rather than flowing in local watercourses towards Cootes Paradise,” the city wrote.

However, during major storms, the sheer amount of water can overwhelm the system. The city built the Royal Stroud Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Tank as a holding facility and overflow valve when combined sewer flows need to be discharged to Chedoke Creek. This prevents storm sewer backup and keeps basements from flooding.

Any changes to the creek will cause some construction which may prove disruptive to some residents in the neighbourhood. The change is necessary though and forms part of Hamilton’s large ongoing project of modernizing its water infrastructure.

“The Project Team understands the importance of promoting practices and solutions that reduce the stress on municipal infrastructure downstream. There are many ways to help improve the quality of stormwater and limit erosion and flood risks throughout a catchment area,” the city wrote.

“Although upstream improvements may help reduce stormwater issues in the Study Area, it is not possible to entirely divert wet-weather flows originating from ‘up the mountain’ away from the Ainslie Wood neighbourhood,” they continued.

Part of the study includes public engagement sessions to educate residents about the project. The city held the first such meeting in March and is set to hold a second on Dec. 4. The meeting will be held in the St. Mary Catholic Secondary School cafeteria at 200 Whitney Ave. at 6 p.m.


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