Did you know that there’s an art to cooking the perfect over-easy egg? Well, there is and thanks to Hamilton’s Jaced Kaleci, now we know.
Winona Gardens shared a creepy, crawly video on Tuesday (September 1) and it begs the question: why would anyone do this?
PLEASE NOTE: Please be advised that the videos below contain language that may be offensive to some. 
A Hamilton filmmaker is converting a historic North Hamilton building into his dream studio and he’s taking us all along for the ride.
Hamilton Police have shared a video in which the family of a missing local man appeal to the public for help in locating him.
A Hamilton teen is dancing his way into the hearts and minds of the community and using our city as a breathtaking backdrop.
A video of a ‘porch pirate’ snatching a parcel from the porch of an East Hamilton home has surfaced this week.
Some residents of a North Hamilton neighbourhood were surprised by a rooftop visitor — and no, it wasn’t Santa.
Pearson International airport got a visit on Saturday, May 30th from a special aircraft: The Antonov An-225 Mriya, otherwise known as the largest cargo plane in the world.
The Hamilton Police Service has settled on a name for one of their newest recruits.Argyll is the newest horse to join the Hamilton Police Mounted Unit patrol.