VIDEO: Five wanted in daylight Hamilton shooting


Published June 3, 2024 at 3:56 pm

Hamilton Shooting May 31, 24

Hamilton Police have released security footage of a downtown shooting on Friday morning.

Shots rang out in front of the apartment building at 111 Market Street, just off of King Street and Bay Street, on May 31. Witnesses report multiple suspects fled the area after the shots were fired.

When police later arrived, they found multiple shell casings in the area. However, they did not find any victims.

Security footage from the front of the building captured a group of young men walking west along Market Street across the road from the building. As they approached a silver sedan parked on the street, they crossed the road.

They then almost immediately duck behind the car before they scatter from the area. Two members of this group ran right in front of the building entrance and a parked Canada Post van as they escaped.

However, a third man remained behind the sedan and appeared to return fire over the roof of the car.

The video is available here.

Police also provided still images of the suspects.



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