UNSOLVED: Young Hamilton man with checkered past gunned down by mystery assailant


Frank Lightheart was just 26 years old when he was gunned down by a supposed intruder at his Binbrook home on February 15, 1984.

Hamilton Police report that Frank was returning home with a friend when he noticed from outside that his window curtains were askew and not how he left them.

Police say that Frank ran into the house, fearing that someone was after his alleged drug stash.

Frank's friend who had remained outside heard some yelling from within the house and then the sound of several gunshots.

At that moment, another friend of Frank was arriving at the house and collected the other friend standing outside the house and the two drove away. The pair headed for the police station to report the incident.

Before pulling away from Frank's home, though, police say the friends saw a 1977-78 dark blue vehicle leave the property.

Police went to Frank's home a short time later and found him dead from several gunshot wounds.

Frank was known to be involved in the drug trade and investigators at the time believe his murder was the result of this association.

Hamilton Police say that they are 'well aware' of Frank's associates at the time, and claim some of them are still involved in the drug trade to this day.

Anyone with information about this homicide is being asked to contact S/Sgt Dave Oleniuk in Major Crime at 905-546-3829.

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