UNSOLVED: Hamilton woman found murdered in her home in 1991


It’s a rarity even among Hamilton Police’s unsolved cases: A homicide with no suspect and no motive.

On December 2, 1991, Hamilton woman Victoria Sicurella was found murdered in her home on Limeridge Road West.

According to police, Sicurella had been out at the grocery store that afternoon and didn't pick up her seven year old son from school.

“The murder was committed during a short timeframe in the afternoon,” police said.

Her body was allegedly discovered by a friend close to dinnertime.

Despite almost three decades having passed since the incident, police say no apparent motive in this case (such as robbery or sexual assault) was ever found, nor is there any suspect information.

However, investigators believe those who knew Sicurella may have additional information regarding this case.

As always, anyone with information that might assist the investigation is asked to contact the Homicide Unit at 905-546-3829.

Photo courtesy of Hamilton Police

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