Unleash your inner child with this family ‘goat yoga’ event in Hamilton


Published August 4, 2023 at 4:28 pm

Courtesy: Triple.C.Farm

A local Ancaster farm is offering a one-of-a-kind yoga experience for the entire family.

Yes, you can bring your children too!

Triple C Farm located at 500 Carluke Rd W. is organizing a ‘parent and tot goat yoga’ event on August 27.

The event is tailored specifically for parents and preschool-aged children.

Goat yoga is a practice that combines traditional yoga with the playful antics of goats.

Attendees can enjoy physical exercise, mental peace, and the joy of interacting with these friendly animals while practicing yoga.

During the classes, participants can expect goats to climb on them and even relax on their mats, sometimes falling asleep cuddled in their laps while they perform various yoga poses.

Courtesy: Triple C Farm (Facebook)

“The combination of yoga and goats not only promotes physical health but also brings out the participants’ inner child, adding an element of fun and happiness to the practice,” Triple C Farm’s website stated.

Founded by Tricia, Pascal, and their three autistic sons, Geoffrey, Michael, and Richard, Triple C Farm has a heartwarming history.

The farm was purchased in 2013 to fulfill Geoffrey’s dream of becoming a farmer and to teach all the boys the responsibilities and skills needed to become productive adults.

What started as a small horse boarding facility grew into a fully functional animal sanctuary and volunteer program for adults with developmental disabilities.

The farm also rescues animals from re-homing, neglectful situations, and auctions, giving them forever homes.

Courtesy: Triple C Farm (Facebook)

Triple C Farm offers a variety of classes to accommodate different age groups and family settings,  ‘yoga with goats’ for ages 8 and up, and ‘family goat yoga’ for both adults and children ages 4-12.

Tickets are priced at $35 for adults and $25 for kids.

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