Update: Power has been restored in Hamilton


Published August 15, 2023 at 5:24 pm

Editor’s note: This article has been updated with new information

All power was restored in Hamilton at approximately 7:37 p.m., according to Alectra Utilities.

Dual outages in Hamilton are causing significant power disruptions this evening (Aug.15).

The first outage was reported in the area of Barton St E., to Dunsmure Rd., spanning from Strathearne Ave. to Parkdale Ave., according to Alectra Utilities.

Authorities say the outage is currently impacting 547 homes and businesses and that crews have been dispatched to the locality.

The estimated time of restoration is set at 9 p.m. tonight.

Simultaneously another outage hit the area of Burlington St. E., to Barton St. E, encompassing Ottawa St N to Strathearne Ave, disrupting power to approximately 484 homes and businesses.

Crews are working on restoring electricity by 8 p.m. tonight, according to Alectra Utilities.

However, the cause of both outages remains unknown at this time.

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