Two people charged after being rescued from Lake Ontario in Hamilton


Two people were charged following a recent water rescue.

Hamilton Police’s Marine Unit reported that just before 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night (August 8) they rescued two people from Lake Ontario near Van Wagner’s Beach.

The male and female, who weren’t wearing lifejackets, were on an inflatable tube that was blown over 800 metres off shore, according to police.

“The pair was lucky a man on the beach saw them and called 911,” said the Marine Unit. “They had no safety equipment and no way to call for help as they continued to be blown further out on the lake.”

The Marine Unit took the opportunity to remind residents that inflatable floaties are meant for pools, ponds and small lakes. When used on beaches they should be secured, as even light winds can lead potentially life-threatening incidents.

The male from Thunder Bay and female from Etobicoke have both been charged.

Fines under the Canada Shipping Act start at $240.

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