500 body-worn cameras approved for Hamilton police officers


Published June 27, 2024 at 7:34 pm

Ontario, Hamilton, police, body cameras, police board
The Hamilton Police Service Board approved the implementation of body-worn cameras at its June 27 meeting. HPS PHOTO

Hamilton Police officers will be sporting body-worn cameras.

The Hamilton Police Service Board (HPSB) approved the implementation of the technology Thursday (June 27) at one of its meetings.

Hamilton police have been providing the HPSB with reports on the body-worn cameras since 2015 as well as monitory its efficacy at other police services across Canada.

Canadian courts have been encouraging the use of the technology because of its ability to provide unbiased views of interactions between the public and police as well as provide valuable evidence.

Earlier this year in April, the HPSB had expressed concerns with the $15.5 million cost over the next five years attached to implementing the body-worn cameras.

By reducing the number of cameras from 650 to 500, the budget has been brought down to just under $9.6 million.

“This move aligns with the Service’s Strategic Plan to leverage technology and innovation with the goal of modernization,” said Hamilton Police. “The aim is to increase transparency and accountability in public interactions while enhancing public and officer safety.”

There are currently 17 police services that have adopted body-worn camera technology in the province, with an additional 18 taking it under consideration.

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