Top 5 take out and delivery nachos in Hamilton


I love nachos. I miss nachos. I'm slightly too lazy to make nachos myself. The local spots of Hamilton accept me for who I am and bring those crunchy, cheesy, wonderful nachos right to either my car or home door.

Here are the top 5 places satisfying our nacho craving:

5. The Gown & Gavel

Classic nachos. Cheese, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, and salty tortilla chips. They tasted exactly the same as when you are sitting on their patio minus the underage drunk teenager yelling at each other on the streets. They were slightly cold when they arrived, but we popped in the oven for a couple of minutes and they were good to go.

Recommendation: Skip the Dishes

4. Pub Fiction

Pub Fiction has guaranteed that your nachos will be piping hot. They prepackage all of the ingredients separately so that you can put them together yourself at home and have steaming hot nachos. I love it for having both queso and shredded cheese. As a bonus, you can participate in their weekly trivia online on Saturdays.

Method: pre-order for pick-up

3. The Pheasant Plucker

These were the definition of classic pub nachos with all the ingredients prepared for you to make them yourself at home. They even included instructions, just in case you have never melted cheese before. My favourite part is the volume of toppings you get - two tubs of everything and a massive portion of sour cream. My dreams come true.

Method: pick-up, Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes

2. The Ship

The Ship's nachos were shockingly unique and delicious. Listen to these ingredients - cheese (of course!), Korean bbq sauce, lime sour cream, scallions, carrots, sesame seeds, and kimchi. I've been so focused on their burgers that I forgot to try their nachos and I'm glad I finally have.

Method: curbside pick-up or Uber Eats

1. Amigos

These might just be the best nachos I have ever had, not just the best takeout, but best nachos ever. The nachos were thick, crunchy, and seasoned deliciously. I have never had Guajillo mayo or pulled jackfruit and now I can't imagine having nachos without out. They arrived quick and warm ... and I might need to order them again right now.

Method: Uber Eats

Where do you get your favourite take out or delivery nachos from in Hamilton?


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