Top 5 places in Hamilton to get fresh-baked cookies


Cookies are the answer (to everything) and Hamilton is in no short supply of freshly baked cookies. Having a long workday and it's not appropriate to have a glass (or five) of wine in the early afternoon? I recommend trading that wine in for a glass of milk and a box of freshly baked cookies delivered to your doorstep

Check out Hamilton's top 5 places to get a freshly baked cookie:

5. Cake and Loaf Bakery

Cake and Loaf have a habit of taking some of my favourite treats and mixing them into a cookie. I lean towards the Mini Egg Cookies and the Mini Egg Shortbread because the Mini Egg cravings aren't just for Easter. For the vegan companions out there, they offer a Vegan Funfetti Sugar Cookie that is topped with their classic blue icing.

4. Hearty Hooligan

Speaking of vegan ... Hearty Hooligan whips up a wide range of cookies for all your vegan friends. I personally am not a vegan, but love every cookie I've tried here. My recommendation is the Punkaroos, which the cookie connoisseurs might not qualify as a cookie, but in my books, it's a small cookie dipped in icing. They also offer custom cookie sandwich pies.

3. Weil's Of Westdale Bakery

Weil's has, for a long time, been one of my favourite bakeries and offers the widest variety of cookies on this list. I recommend the Monster Cookie that has a little bit of healthy and a little bit of sweet treats in it. If cookies aren't your thing, they have a whole bakery of other options.

2. hello baked

The cookies at hello baked are absolutely beautiful and make for perfect gifts (for yourself and others). Their Champagne Confetti Cookie has a surprise inside! Break it open and sprinkles will spill out. Delicious and fabulous.

1. Crumbuns Bakeshop

I had an Assorted Pack delivered and loved every single cookie I received. I particularly enjoyed the filled cookies. The Sweet & Salty option was filled with sea salt caramel Chipits and topped with pretzel pieces. They also offer a Flakie Cookie that was stuffed with Raspberry Jam and Buttercream. I will definitely be ordering from here for our next staff meeting/working from my couch.

Where’s your favourite place in Hamilton to get fresh-baked cookies?


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