Top 5 hot dates in the Hammer


Hamilton might have a reputation for being a little rough around the edges but for those in the know, it can also be a city of love.

Love is in the air all over this city -- take your pick of our waterfront trails or greenspaces which are perfect for romantic rendezvous, or our many, many world-class restaurants. Whether you're on a first date or you're on your 100th date, what better way to connect or reconnect with your love interest than by trying something new and getting out on the town in the city you love?

Below are the Top 5 Hot Hamilton Dates.

5. Comedy night

What better way to connect with someone than through laughter? Levity Comedy in downtown Hamilton, above Anchor Bar in Jackson Square, features a number of local comics and talent from abroad. They also host an amateur night on Wednesdays when admission is only $5. The Staircase Theatre on Dundurn features a whole line up of entertainment: from variety shows to improv and standup acts, you can find something to tickle anybody's funny bone. Breweries are becoming popular spots for standup comedy shows and open mic nights and local bars and pubs are also cashing in on the comedy scene. The comedy date night is a favourite because it helps lighten the mood for new couples and long-haulers alike and, even if the comedy is bad, it provides that opportunity to cultivate a unique shared experience.

4. Games Night Out

Inside Mancala Monk Board Game Cafe.

Who doesn't love a games night? It's an opportunity to flex the strategizing and competitive portion of your brain (wherever that is) and bond with your fellow players. Typically, games night has been a stay-in kind of proposition but now that Hamilton is home to a few board game cafes and lounges, you can parlay this nerdy inclination into a night out on the town. Mancala Monk Board Game Cafe in east Hamilton is known for its vast selection of games and brews. Gameopolis, Hamilton's first board game lounge located on King Street downtown, also boasts a massive collection of games and a menu featuring nibblies and light fare. Games give couples a chance to interact in a meaningful way without the added pressure of trying to come up with something to talk about, which is why this such a great activity for first or 50th dates.

3. Bowling

This is just such a classic date-night date that it had to make the list. It's just so darn reliably fun. Splitsville, in upper Stoney Creek, takes the experience to the next level with their onsite arcade, pool tables and restaurant. Partake in some canoodling under the glow of the black light during their Glow in the Dark bowling nights, or get into the spirit of one of their theme nights. Any which way you do it, even if you're bad at it, bowling is a hoot and a half - and the shoes are a lot of fun too.

2. Buck a Shuck

There are a number of places across the city that offer buck a shuck, but One Duke offers it seven days a week from 3 to 6. Not only that, One Duke is practically a Hamilton landmark because it's been around for years (I mean, who hasn't spent a week there one night, amirite?). Its chill vibe and old English pub atmosphere is familiar and welcoming. It's a cosy place to get to know someone or reconnect with your significant other over a tray of fresh oysters (aphrodisiac much?). The food is and always has been top-notch and they cater to all dietary needs. This is one of those pubs where one would be comfortable settling in for the evening and working away at the menu and drink list, but it's also situated in one of Hamilton's most beautiful neighbourhoods so one would be forgiven for setting out to explore the streets following a hearty pub meal.

1. Nature walk/Hike

This is a Hamilton classic. Whether strolling the trails of Dundas Valley, walking the Rail Trail along the escarpment or scoping out the Eramosa Karst Conservation area, Hamiltonians have immediate and abundant access to some of the most stunning green spaces in Ontario. We are, in fact, the waterfall capital of the world with more than 100 waterfalls in city limits. Not only is traversing some of these trails super romantic, fun and healthy, but it's also very affordable. Depending on where you go, you might have to pay for parking or a small entry fee, but other than that, it's free. This is also a pretty special way to experience Hamilton with your special person given the city's status as an industrial and manufacturing hub.

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