Top 5 contactless delivery sweet treats in Hamilton


Contactless delivery sweet treats are the answers to all our questions or at least some of them. You get your sweet delicious treats without having to bake, talk to people or worry about infecting each other.

As always, our local small businesses are here supporting us through their bakes goods and we are here to support them by eating them.

Here are the Top 5 sweet treat delivery options in Hamilton!

5. Crumbled

Cake in a cup! Or what I like to call it - a cake sundae. I have had a Crumbled cake bowl in the past and loved it. You can choose your own cake base, icing and toppings to create your perfect bowl of sweetness. The delivery service was quick and the crumbled cake itself was still warm! I ordered the vegan Snickers bowl and was slightly disappointed that my caramel was missing and my candied peanuts weren't candied. Every other bowl I've had there was fab and I'll be sure to return.

Recommendation: Create your own bowl!

4. Cookie DOH!

With a name like that, how couldn't you love it! My first time having Cookie DOH! was at Tim Hortons Field during a Forge FC game. It made me just as happy curled up at home as it did at that game. The birthday cake flavour dough was exactly that - cookie dough and birthday cake combined. You can bake it, you can eat it raw and your mom won't tell you it will make you sick because it's completely edible.

Recommendation: BirthDOH Cake Cookie DOH!

3. Donut Monster

Donut Monster has returned! Your favourite flavours, favourite small donut shop and favourite store staff are back. The donuts are delicious as ever but their system has changed. If you are feeling lucky, you can order the day of through Door Dash (limited quantities only!). My preference is the walk-thru window. You must order the night before and choose a pick-up time slot. I love this approach because I can take my sweet time deciding on flavours without worrying I'm holding up the massive line behind me. Welcome back our little Donut Monster family!

Recommendation: Classic Apple Fritter

2. The Hearty Hooligan

We didn't forget about our favourite vegans out there! Their delivery menu is massive and has all the classic Hearty Hooligan favourites. For sweet treats, you can choose between six assorted cookies and six assorted cupcakes. I went for the surprise box of cupcakes and was delighted to receive a punkeroo, mocha, double chocolate, cookies and cream and more! As a non-vegan, I also absolutely love these cupcakes.

Recommendation: Punkaroo Cupcake

1. MySweeTooth

MySweeTooth gets first place because I was pleasantly surprised! I have driven past their location on Main Street many times and finally was able to try their treats through delivery. Their Macha Puff was light, refreshing and the best dessert I've had in a long time. I'll admit I couldn't read all of the options on the menu (you'll see what I mean), but I guarantee that anything you choose will be amazing. Great job and I'll be ordering puff after puff.

Recommendation: Macha Cream Puff

Where’s your favourite sweet spot in Hamilton? (With contactless delivery or otherwise)


Top 5 contactless delivery sweet treats in Hamilton

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