These are the jobs people are least likely to leave


Do you work in the tech or health-care industry? Have you considered changing careers to a different industry?

If you answered 'yes,' you'd be in the minority; according to a recent report, most people in those fields tend to stay in those fields.

However, according to the report conducted by Indeed, many people branch out beyond their current industry when looking for a new job.

In fact, nearly half of all people looking for employment search for jobs outside their field.

Those on the higher end of the salary spectrum tend to look for work outside less frequently than those who make less.
Additionally, those who work in an industry that has an abundance of available job openings are less likely to look outside their field.

Further, those whose fields aren't as prosperous may be discouraged from looking for jobs outside their field due to a lack of confidence in landing something.

Below is the list of the 15 jobs people are least likely to move away from.

photo courtesy of Indeed

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