The unique languages of love surveyed in Hamilton


Published March 6, 2024 at 2:20 pm

The cliché that the words, “I love you” are the hardest to say – especially for men – hold some truth, according to survey of more than 1,000 Canadians on the language of love.

Love is said to be a universal language but we all have different ways of showing our love to a partner and, in line with the rest of Canada, words of affirmation was voted the toughest love language to express for Hamilton residents. One in three in the survey, performed by Preply, said they found it difficult to express this type of love to a partner.

The favourite love language to receive in Hamilton is a tie between quality time and acts of service – both at 33 per cent – while quality time and physical touch are the love languages Hamiltonians prefer to receive; each with more than a quarter of the vote.

The results may surprise some who believe it’s all about the act of gift-giving at Easter.

Preply surveyed Canadians about their preferences regarding which love languages they prefer to give and receive. They also asked whether it has caused any friction in the past and discovered a quarter of Hamilton respondents have split with an ex due to love language issues and nearly half – 47 per cent – have encountered relationship tension in either a past or current relationship due to the same problem.

“Love languages can be described as the unique modes of emotional expression that resonate most deeply with us,” said Sylvia Johnson, a language expert at Preply. “These are personal, bespoke dialects of tenderness and connection, framing how we prefer to give and receive love. Understanding love languages gifts us an emotional map, paving the way for a deeper, empathetic understanding of ourselves and others.”

Johnson said the personal love language of partners instigate “deep understanding and empathy” and act as “catalysts” that bridge emotional gaps. “They represent the poignant, personal linguistics that shape our relationships. The nuanced awareness of your partner’s love language can foster intimate connections and enhance the overall quality of your relationship.”

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