Sun Life helping people on disability leave in Hamilton return to work


Sun Life has announced they are launching a digital health care toolkit intended to help Canadians on disability leave get back to work.

According to a news release, 60 per cent of Canadians have experienced a mental health condition that has impeded their ability to do their job--it's currently the leading cause of disability leave; as a result, more attention is being paid to helping promote and destigmatize mental health (this week is Mental Illness Awareness Week in Canada).

Despite the fact many people struggle with their mental health, there are many barriers in place that can prevent people from getting the treatment they need, including long wait times, limited treatment options, and the stigma of even asking for help at all.

“When you take disability leave for mental health reasons, finding a specialist and getting proper treatment can feel overwhelming-we want to make this experience hassle-free,” Dave Jones, senior vice-president of Group Benefits for Sun Life, said in a news release.

Some of the new, digital innovations Sun Life will be implementing include: pharmacogenomics, which uses saliva to determine how a person may respond to certain medications; virtual independent medical examinations, which allows people who struggle leaving the house to receive an exam from their home; and online cognitive behavioural therapy, which allows people living with depression or anxiety to virtually meet with a mental health professional.

“Bringing these healthcare innovations to our Clients will improve their recovery experience and help them get the timely care they need,” Jones added.

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