Spike in theft of ‘high-end’ vehicles reported across Hamilton


Published August 18, 2023 at 7:16 pm

Car Theft Mississauga

Hamilton Police are asking the public to be aware of a spike in the theft of high-end vehicles across the city, with a particular focus on the Waterdown area.

The thefts, largely centred around 2018-2022 Honda CR-Vs, have prompted an in-depth investigation.

Police say that they have allocated additional law enforcement resources in response to the surge in criminal activity, including the implementation of heightened patrols in identified target zones.

“In June, the top three stolen vehicles were Honda CR-V, Dodge Ram and Range Rover,” Hamilton police said in a press release.

The motivations behind these vehicle thefts are diverse, police say.

Stolen cars are often sold or dismantled for parts, with thieves frequently transporting them across borders or altering their identification numbers to obscure their origins.

Additionally, criminals may appropriate vehicles for temporary transportation, later abandoning them, or using them to bolster their reputation among peers.

These stolen vehicles are allegedly exploited in various other criminal activities, ranging from robberies to drug dealing, according to authorities.

Minimize the risk of theft:

  • When parking, ensure the ignition is off and carry your keys with you. Opt for well-lit, supervised areas when possible, and secure valuables in the trunk. Completely close and lock doors and windows to thwart unauthorized access
  • Turning your wheels to the side can make towing more difficult. At home, if you have a garage, use and lock it. If you own a rear-wheel drive car, back it into the driveway, while front-wheel drive vehicles should be parked front end first. Always engage the emergency brake and avoid leaving ownership or insurance cards in the vehicle when unattended
  • For added security, place business cards or address labels inside doors to aid in vehicle identification. Never conceal a spare key within the vehicle, as thieves are well aware of common hiding spots
  • While driving, remain vigilant, and drive with locked doors. When purchasing a vehicle, exercise caution; if a deal seems too good to be true, it’s likely best avoided

As the investigation into these thefts is ongoing, Hamilton Police is asking anyone with information to contact the non-emergency line or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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