Significant snow in the forecast for Hamilton


This weekend might bring some spring-like weather, but don't expect to see May flowers pop up earlier than usual—winter is far from over. 

The Weather Network says that while this coming weekend will be quite mild and pleasant (temperatures are expected to hit the high single digits), forecasters believe there's the potential for some “significant snow” next week. 

The Weather Network says conditions are expected to become unsettled early next week, with a more wintry pattern in the forecast for the final days of February. The weather agency says there's potential for a significant system with snow or mixed precipitation by the middle to end of next week

According to the Weather Network, up to 5 cm of snow is possible for Hamilton on Tuesday, Feb. 25 and up to 10 cm could fall on Thursday, Feb. 26. Up to 3 cm could fall on Thursday, Feb. 27, meaning that we could see close to 20 cm fall throughout the week. 

“It is too early to have confidence in the details, but significant snow totals are possible,” says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.


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