PHOTOS: Baby falcons bestowed with names inspired by Hamilton's historic sites


The youngest members of the peregrine falcon family who call the roof of Hamilton's Sheraton Hotel home have been named.

Over the weekend, the baby falcons -- who were hatched in late April -- were collected from their nest and banded.

At the same time, their genders were determined and they were bestowed with their Hamilton-inspired names.

One falcon, the smaller of the two at 517 grams, was determined to be a boy and he was named 'Griffin' after the Griffin House historic site in Ancaster.

Weighing in at 720 grams, the second chick was determined to be a girl and was dubbed 'Whitehern' after the historic downtown Hamilton site.

The Hamilton Community Peregrine Project (HCPP) shared pictures and video of the pair getting their hardware.

Both chicks were really vocal in their protestations but they were returned to their nest shortly after they were banded and were no worse for the wear.

The HCPP says the pair is in fine health and will be ready in the coming weeks when it comes time for them to take their first flights -- which happens approximately 40 days after the chicks have hatched.

According to the HCPP website, the chicks will be hunting on their own by the time they're nine to 12 weeks old.

To catch a glimpse of the Sheraton's falcons, follow them on the HCPP's website here.

Photos courtesy The Hamilton Community Peregrine Project

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