One-on-one: Andrea Horwath, Mayor of Hamilton, on waterfront projects, policing, housing, sewage and more


Published February 21, 2023 at 12:38 pm

Khaled Iwamura chatted with Andrea Horwath, Mayor of Hamilton, about the main topics facing residents today in Hamilton.

Full questions:

  • Trudeau and his cabinet had their retreat in Hamilton…How did that chat go?
  • A by-election was called for your former Hamilton Centre riding for the first time in decades. How could you find so much success in one of the city’s most important districts?
  • Many were very vocal during recent budget meetings, particularly concerning the police services budget. Where do you stand on the debate concerning police budgets?
  • What is Hamilton doing about the homeless?
  • When is Barton Street going to get re-paved?
  • FirstOntario Centre will close for at least two years for renovations and upgrades. The Bulldogs will be playing in Brantford… the Honey Badgers are already in Brampton… is there a concern that the arena may not have anchor tenants when it re-opens?
  • Unfortunately, we have to talk about sewage again after discovering that even more has been diverted into Hamilton Harbour — and more sewage leaks may be found.
    What is at the core of this issue?
    And how has it flown under the radar over the decades?
  • You were elected mayor amid one of the largest waterfront projects — maybe ever. As more and more investment dollars are poured in, does the often-overlooked Hamilton waterfront have the potential to be the city’s crown jewel? Perhaps Ontario’s one day?
  • The city kicked off its Black History Month celebration. What is the city of Hamilton doing?


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