The city, working with Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, is transitioning seven retirement home residents to hospitals this afternoon.
TORONTO -- Data experts are cautioning already on-edge Canadians against taking Ontario's dire predictions about COVID-19 deaths literally, even as the revelation of stark d
As of Saturday morning, April 4, the province has updated its COVID-19 numbers to reflect the 3,630 confirmed cases that have been reported thus far (up 375 since its previous report).
The province has issued another emergency alert today in regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, urging residents to do what they can to stop the spread of the virus.
In an update today on the federal response to COVID-19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced millions of dollars in funding to help ensure vulnerable residents have somewhere safe to stay.
Health-care workers, grocery store staff, transit drivers and food delivery workers are among those being hailed as heroes for providing much-needed services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
OTTAWA -- As a new year dawned, the government's throne-speech commitments, unfurled just weeks earlier, were grabbing headlines and galvanizing the attention of federal policy-makers.
OTTAWA -- Canada's oil producers could only sit and watch as the price of their product plummeted last month to less than what it costs to buy a litre of soda, hit by the double whammy of
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to announce today more financial support aimed at helping the most vulnerable Canadians survive the COVID-19 pandemic.
OTTAWA -- A new policy that has pharmacists restricting patients to a 30-day supply of their medications means some people are having to pay dispensing fees two or three times over.