New plant-based eatery in Hamilton opens for takeout


A new plant-based eatery has opened their doors — for takeout only — on Barton Street this week and it promises to provide a ‘blissful’ experience.

Sookham Restaurant, which opened to the public on Monday (May 18), offers a menu developed based on the principals of an ancient Indian lifestyle devoted to one’s health and wellness.

Sookham is not just a place to eat, but an experience in itself, promising a welcoming space for everyone to find lightness of being through the art of conscious and mindful eating,” the restaurant’s website says.

The Sookham team is driven to provide plant-based, primarily organic and fresh meals made from ingredients that have been locally and ethically sourced.

While striving to provide socially conscious and responsibly sourced dining experiences, one of the other governing philosophies of Sookham is the concept of Seva, a Sanskrit word that means ‘selfless service.’

To that end, Sookham has partnered with Mealshare so that with the purchase of a meal at the new restaurant, $1 will go towards the Mealshare program that feeds youth in need within the community.

The takeout menu, for the time being, features a colourful selection of soups, sandwiches, bowls and desserts. They also specialize in teas and mylkshakes — a creamy, gluten- and dairy-free and vegan smoothie-like concoction that looks absolutely delectable.

Sookham means ‘all happiness ‘in Sanskrit,” their website says. “At Sookham, we believe that, ‘We are not what we eat; we are what we absorb.’”

Sookham, located at 29 Barton St. E at the Hughson intersection, is currently open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

To order takeout, visit their website here to place an order.

Photo of Sookham’s Durga (Goddess)Bowl courtesy their Facebook page

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