More people are slipping and falling on snowy sidewalks in Hamilton: Paramedics


Published February 16, 2024 at 5:49 pm

Major snowfall affects evening commute most of southern Ontario

This past week, Ontario saw some of the most intense weather it has seen throughout the relatively mild winter season.

On Thursday, heavy snowfall and 70 km winds pelted the southernmost regions of the province and left many inconvenienced, cold or stuck in the airport facing cancelled flights.  

As a result of the ongoing recovery from the snowstorm, many municipalities are taking stock of the amount of work that needs to be done regarding road clearing and getting day-to-day operations back on track. 

In Hamilton, faced with an increase in 911 calls for people slipping and falling on snowy, icy sidewalks and other places, emergency responders are pleading with pedestrians to be careful as they walk. 

In a post to X (formerly Twitter), Hamilton Paramedic Service officials urged residents to be cautious when maneuvering city streets. 

“Please take extra precautions when navigating icy sidewalks and driveways,” reads the post.

Additional data collected by the City of Toronto from 2016 showed that in a surveyed span of less than 10 years, hospitalizations due to slip-and-falls in Toronto were upwards of 30,000. The same document also recommended that to prevent slip-and-falls, pedestrians should monitor municipal snow clearing in their area to plan and exercise caution when going out.

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