Metrolinx shares new route for Hamilton light rail along Main St.


Published November 15, 2023 at 4:04 pm

Metrolinx has provided an update on its proposed route for a new light rail transit (LRT) system in Hamilton which will now travel straight down Main St.

The City recently committed to change Main St. from a one-way street to a two-way street. Meanwhile, Metrolinx has been in the midst of “preliminary work,” getting the route ready for the full construction of a 14-kilometre LRT along Queenston, Main and King Sts. This preliminary work includes rerouting water mains, sewers and telecommunications cables.

With the city’s commitment to alter Main St., Metrolinx has been able to “refine” its design. Previously, the route went along Main St. before turning North to take a “Flyover Bridge” to connect to King St. This initial plan also included a route along Longwood Rd. to the Operations, Maintenance and Storage (OMSF) facility on Chatham St.

The newly revised plan goes past the Flyover Bridge and instead continues along Main St. until Dundurn St. close to the Innovation District. The LRT will then jag up Dundurn St. to connect to King St. and then continue east. The route to the OMSF will now run along Frid St. (named after the late Dark Shadows actor).

This change will also move a stop. Previously the plan was to have the LRT stop on King St. just after going over the Flyover Bridge. However, with the route now on Dundurn St, the stop has been pulled back around the corner.

The shift means the project will not have to build the Flyover Bridge. Instead, it will require other major changes to the area including;

  • Reconstruction of Main Street bridge over Highway 403, enabling future highway widening
  • Reconstruction of Main Street Bridge over CP tracks, currently at end of lifecycle
  • Reconstruction of Highway 403 ramps, enabling continuous two-way conversion of Main Street
  • Reconstruction of Frid Street, including full roadway and utility replacement

“Ultimately, this design refinement will contribute to positive outcomes for the community including environmental sustainability, the reconstruction of aging infrastructure, helping to realize the two-way conversion of Main Street and improve LRT operations, all while saving time and money,” Metrolinx concluded.

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