‘Increase in public trust’ among top priorities for Hamilton Police: report


Published August 2, 2023 at 5:27 pm

Courtesy: Hamilton Police

In a bid to foster stronger relationships and enhance community engagement, the Hamilton Police Service (HPS) has identified ‘building trust,’ among residents as one of its top priorities.

Every four years, the Hamilton Police Service Board formulates a plan in collaboration with police and community members.

“The strategic plan establishes goals, priorities and direction for our Service and provides an effective way to measure whether or not our organization is achieving these goals and meeting the communities’ expectations,” said Board Chair Pat Mandy.

They gathered input from 660 service members and 6,500 community respondents,  through focus groups, and town halls.

Hamiltonians felt that their top policing priorities were property crime, violent crime, guns and gangs, traffic safety/enforcement, and domestic violence.

Courtesy: Hamilton Police

Based on this feedback the new priorities for the next four years include community safety, collaborative engagement, and trusting change.

‘Trusting change,’ emerged as an important theme from community focus groups. This will guide efforts to increase public trust in communities where relationships may be strained, Hamilton Police said in a press release.

HPS plan on achieving these goals by engaging in authentic dialogue, taking responsibility for what they have done and participating in community events and building ties with diverse groups among others.

“We believe that by prioritizing public trust, the Hamilton Police Service will become an even stronger partner in delivering public safety to our community,” added Board Chair Mandy.

Hamilton residents can now review the Strategic Plan(2023-26) on the Hamilton Police Services Board website.

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