Hundreds of homes coming to block of land in Hamilton


Published November 28, 2023 at 10:00 am

2080 rymal road hamilton new development houses

A parcel of land in Hamilton’s Glanbrook community that was intended to be home to a new elementary school will now be home to well over a hundred houses.

At a Nov. 22 council meeting, councillors agreed to a bylaw amendment requested by A. DeSantis Developments to allow for the construction of 37 street townhouse units, 189 block townhouse units and a multiple dwelling with up to 80 units. 

The land parcel, located at 2080 Rymal Rd. E., is located south and east of the intersection of Kingsborough Drive and Bellagio Avenue. The parcel is currently vacant, with more vacant lands located to the south and east of the area. 

Townhouses are located north and west of the parcel. There is existing water and wastewater infrastructure in the area. 

The proposed development was first put before the city in 2019, and has undergone multiple revisions since. 

While the lands were originally slated for a new school, a staff report written earlier this month in support of the requested zoning amendment said the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board did not “foresee the need for these lands to remain for their intended use, as Shannen Koostachin Elementary school is located at 110 Bellagio Avenue.” 

According to the report, the proposed development exceeds the minimum density targets of 127 units per hectare, with a building that, once complete, will stand at six storeys. 

The report says that since the school is no longer required, the proposal now features a block for a multiple-dwelling development. It also consolidates other blocks and removes the former school institutional block, single detached dwelling lots and a cul-de-sac street. 

In the report, city staff said the plan is consistent with growth and development plans for the province, the Greater Golden Horseshoe area and the city itself, as well as with the Rymal Road Secondary Plan.  

The report also says the development, once built, will be close to an existing bus route and potential rapid transit line. 

While the project is slated to go ahead, some residents have voiced concerns about the development. A petition signed by about 40 nearby residents opposing the project said there are still concerns about traffic and noise. 

In a letter to the city, one resident also said some people in the area purchased their homes because of the future school. 

“Parking and traffic is one of the huge concerns it is already an issue without adding the mid [density] building to this area, along with the area being changed from what we initially were informed was going to be a high school so a lot of people built and purchased in this area for that reason for their families to be able to use the amenities right here in our one neighbourhood,” wrote resident Megan Runciman. 

“All the schools are over filled in the area and we do need a public high school to accommodate all the students coming out of the elementary school that was built.” 

In her letter, Runciman also said a new recreation centre would be required to meet the needs of the growing population. 

In a report, city staff said the proposal should be approved.

“The proposal is considered good planning by providing a compact compatible residential development that contributes to a complete community through the establishment of housing forms and densities that are in keeping with existing and planned land uses and development in the surrounding area, while making efficient use of a vacant parcel of land,” the report reads.

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