Those of us who live here know that Hamilton has a lot of character and over the years, Hollywood has taken notice.
Over the years, the GO train has become a primary means of transportation for many people in Mississauga and beyond.
Hamilton is a city with a long history and, let’s face it, change doesn’t come easy to us.
A Hamilton historic site may soon gain new life.
The building that became the iconic Tivoli Theatre on James Street North in downtown Hamilton, started out in the 1870s as a carriage factory.
Back in 2017, the Joseph Brant Museum in Burlington broke ground on an $11.4-million project.
Hamilton’s culinary scene has undoubtedly picked up speed in recent years but there are a number of establishments that have been operating in our community for so long that they’ve become an integ
Hamilton is steeped in history and there’s an abundance of institutions in the city dedicated to preserving that and more.
Once again, in honour of Women’s History month, we’re taking a look at a woman in our city’s history who have had a pretty significant impact on Hamilton and our country
We have a bunch of really great parks in the city, but do you ever wonder where they get their name?Here’s a little background on the name of one special park in our city.