Hamilton's Thelma Clapham was a proud mother of five and a grandmother.
Clyde Frost, 80, from Hamilton, was found bludgeoned to death on Feb. 2, 1999, inside his RV on a side street in Toronto.
Marley Rowe was celebrating the dawn of a new year when the unimaginable happened.
A historic picture of the Sherman Cut has surfaced on social media and it’s pretty epic.
Audrey Gleave, by all accounts, led a quiet life at her secluded, rural home in Lynden.
Hamilton is a city with a long history and, let's face it, change doesn't come easy to us.
It is perhaps the most picturesque vantage point in our city but do we know the man behind the name of Sam Lawrence Park?
Photo of the Hamilton Farmer’s Market courtesy Hamilton Public Library’s Local History and Archives.
As our final look at a woman of distinction from Hamilton in honour of Women’s History Month, we meet Ellen Fairclough, a trailblazing Canadian politician.
On the evening of August 2, 2002, Ronald Crawford was having coffee with a friend at his friend's place of business when the unthinkable unfolded.