Historic Hamilton aviary in search of a new home for its exotic birds


Published August 9, 2023 at 2:20 pm

Courtesy: Activeparents.ca

A cherished institution is at a crossroads as the Hamilton Aviary, a sanctuary for exotic birds, embarks on a quest to find a new home.

With nearly a century of service in caring for its feathered residents, the Aviary’s ‘urgent call’ for relocation comes in the face of a deteriorating building and aging infrastructure at its current location on 85 Oak Knoll Drive.

The Aviary is now actively seeking a suitable location, ideally situated along a city bus route.


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“We are looking for an existing building that would allow us to provide care and sanctuary for our Flock of 18 parrots and six finches or some land for us to build an aviary using a generous donation specifically earmarked for this,” said Executive Director Jennifer White in a press release.

“If we don’t find a suitable location quickly, we will be forced to rehome our birds,” White added.

The Hamilton Aviary, now in its 96th year of operation, is Canada’s oldest public aviary.

Courtesy: Hamilton Aviary

The Aviary is known for rehabilitating and retraining exotic birds.
Anyone with suitable locations for this institution is asked to contact board member Kimberly O’Hare ([email protected]) or Jennifer White ([email protected]).
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