Here's what part of the new Hamilton waterfront will look like


Last week, the City of Hamilton announced the winner of the James Street North West Harbour public art contest.

Local artist Angela DeMontigny's 'All our relations' was selected from among six finalists in the competition.

A total of 24 artists and artist-led teams submitted proposals to be considered for the permanent public art located on the James Street North Plaza as part of the Redevelopment of the waterfront on Piers 5 to 7.

From those 24 submissions, a jury whittled the number of submissions down to six and those proposals were presented to the public for comment.

On Friday (Jan. 10), the City announced that DeMontigny, and team, were the winners.

"As an Indigenous designer and artist, I always acknowledge the importance of land, the natural world, the universe (sky world) and the spirit world," DeMontigny said in a statement accompanying the announcement.

"I wanted to provide a visual reminder - also in keeping with the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving address - to those who will live on the waterfront and those who visit, of the beauty that surrounds us every day and recognition of the Indigenous people whose land this was originally. My concept for this public art piece recognizes and honours this - visually giving thanks to 'All Our Relations'."

The piece consists of five, 40-foot tall works made of steel and glass. Each piece uses 10,000 handmade glass beads created by local craftsperson Paull Rodrigue, that depict Indigenous culture, water, wildlife and the natural world.

Installation of the artwork is expected to begin in the spring of 2021 upon completion of the James Street Plaza.

To learn more about Hamilton’s waterfront, check here.

Photo courtesy Hamilton Waterfront Trust

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