Heat warning extended in the city of Hamilton


Published July 27, 2023 at 3:39 pm

The scorching heat wave is set to continue in Hamilton for another day.

The city’s  Medical Officer of Health has issued an extension of the heat warming starting tomorrow (July 28), and is expected to remain in place until further notice.

Friday is expected to be particularly hot, with humidex values soaring up to 40 in numerous areas of the city.

Hamiltonians could get some relief as minimum temperatures will linger in the low twenties overnight and into Saturday.

To ensure the safety of the community, the City of Hamilton has set up designated “cool places” for people to seek respite during all stages of the heat event.

These areas can be easily identified by the prominent “Cool Down Here” signs displayed at their entrances.

Furthermore, as part of the comprehensive heat response plan, all regularly scheduled Open Swims at the City of Hamilton indoor pools will be offered free of charge.

Authorities are urging residents to exercise caution and take necessary precautions during this period of extreme heat and humidity.

“Seek a cool place such as a tree-shaded area, swimming pool, shower or bath, or air-conditioned spot like a public building,” Environment Canada officials suggest.

“Keep your house cool. Block the sun by closing curtains or blinds.”

Additionally, never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle in these weather conditions.

Prolonged exposure to such conditions can lead to heat illness symptoms like dizziness/fainting, nausea/vomiting, rapid breathing and heartbeat, extreme thirst and decreased urination with unusually dark urine.

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