Hamilton's Dr. Disc closes, promises 'massive celebration' when COVID-19 threat passes


Hamilton’s Dr. Disc has shuttered their storefront for the first time since opening their doors in 1991, a tweeted statement from the popular music store’s owner says.

The Tweet, sent out Monday morning (March 23) while announcing the store’s closure and the lay off of its employees for the time being, also served as a rallying cry for the community and a beacon of hope for better days to come.

Initially, as the pandemic escalated and self-isolation guidelines were presented, I considered many “alternative” sales ideas to try and work around those rules,” said the Tweet signed by owner Mark Furukawa.

After careful consideration, I decided the best course of action was to do… absolutely nothing.”

Furukawa said that he felt that this time in history was not a time to be “encouraging or enticing anyone,” to flout or workaround self-isolation recommendations.

It’s not a time to be clever, rebellious or “punk rock,” he wrote. “This is the time to do the right (and safe!) thing for all which is to self-isolate in order to minimize the transmission of the virus.”

As the store remains closed, Furukawa says that he will be taking the time to clean and disinfect and reorganize the shop to prepare for its reopening in the weeks or months to come.

He also promised a “massive celebration” when restrictions are lifted.

So all hugs and handshakes are rain-checked until then,” Furukawa wrote.

We, meaning the entire staff and all of Hamilton, WILL be back, but these times call for the consideration of others and utmost caution, not recklessness.”

The response on Twitter has been an outpouring of love for one of Hamilton’s favourite music stores and its owner’s leadership.

Thanks Mark. You TRULY are a pillar in this community,” wrote one Twitter user.

As always, you’re doing the right thing for the hamilton community!,” Tweeted another.

Dr. Disc’s loyal patrons can watch the store’s social media accounts for updates.

Photo courtesy Dr. Disc Hamilton’s Facebook page

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