Hamilton’s construction boom will pave way for affordable housing: Mayor Horwath


Published June 20, 2023 at 6:05 pm

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The city of Hamilton is witnessing a significant growth in construction developments and today (June 20), it set a new record for having surpassed $1 billion worth of construction since the beginning of the 2023.

Mayor Andrea Horwath, in recent interview (June 16), with publisher Khaled Iwamura from IntheHammer.com, shed light on the progress being made and the impact these developments will have on the community.

“We are looking at the opportunities as we densify around the mass transit system for more affordable units,” said Mayor Horwath.

With the integration of affordable housing within the growing transit-oriented areas will ensure that housing options are accessible to a wider range of residents, including those with lower incomes.

Furthermore, according to Horwath, the city is committed to developing supportive housing projects, specifically addressing the needs of vulnerable populations.

“We have some developments in affordable housing, particularly supportive housing.”

“Supportive housing for women that are homeless, for trans and queer women as well,” she explained.

In addition to the focus on supportive housing, the city has recently approved upgrades for 476 units in city housing.

“Literally, we have thousands of people on our affordable housing list, and we have 476 units that are unoccupied due to its bad state. So those developments are coming in as well,” according to Mayor Horwath.

While there are several developments coming down the pipeline, the industrial, commercial, and institutional sector has also seen a 51.3 per cent increase in assessed construction value, according to the City of Hamilton’s recent report.

“Notable projects that have contributed to this milestone include the Atlantic Packaging manufacturing facility at 863 Nebo Rd., the Muse Apartments by Homes By DeSantis at., the industrial facility (Lab) at 270 Longwood Rd in McMaster Innovation Park and many more,” city officials said.

Mayor Horwath also said that a comprehensive approach is necessary to tackle city’s housing crisis.

“So, it’s a continuum, housing is a continuum. Everything from private market, condo, missing middle housing to social housing, that’s what will help solve our housing crises.”

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