Popular Espresso Bar Reopens in Hamilton


The Ark and Anchor Espresso Bar is open again after a pretty hefty makeover.

The popular coffee shop reopened its doors on King Street West this week after undergoing an extensive renovation over the summer that included adding a kitchen.

Now on top of their impressive coffee menu, the Ark and Anchor will be serving up some delicious food that includes various bowls, quiches and lunch items.

Not only has the menu gotten heftier, but the upstairs seating and main areas got a facelift as well. Now there's a cosy nook on the bright second floor for more intimate gatherings and new murals on the walls liven things up.

Perhaps the most impressive element of the new Ark and Anchor is the customized, retro-modern-style state-of-the-art espresso machine at the front of the store. It's truly a showstopper.

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