Hamilton theatre rolls out red carpet for baby-friendly movie screening


Hamilton's Playhouse Cinema is rolling out the red carpet for moms and dads of wee ones for a special screening of a star-studded, buzz-worthy film later this month.

In partnership with mom community group, Moms Hamilton, the independent art house is hosting their first official Mama Matinee and will welcome all caregivers and their little ones (no matter how little!) for a screening of the film Marriage Story on Nov. 29.

Tickets are $24 and include a movie ticket, popcorn and soft drink.

Lights in the theatre will be dimly lit and the sound will be down to accommodate babies and there will be a play area, mats, and a changing area set up in the theatre so parents and caregivers won't have to miss a minute of the movie.

The movie, Marriage Story, is a Netflix production that features a number of Hollywood heavyweights including Scarlet Johanssen, Adam Driver, Laura Dern and Alan Alda and it's already generating an Oscar buzz.

The film doesn't launch on the streaming service until Dec. 6.

The special Mama Matinee is the first screening of the movie at Playhouse. Other screenings of the film will follow later in the day.

Check the Playhouse Cinema website for showtimes and ticketing information.

Photo courtesy Playhouse Cinema Facebook page

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