Hamilton retiree cashes six-figure Bingo ticket


An 80-year-old retired secretary cashed in her winning OLG Bingo ticket.

Hamilton’s Elizabeth Sheehan won $100,000 with Instant Bingo Doubler.

Elizabeth was at home when she realized she was close to winning big with her ticket.

"I was looking for lucky 39, which is also my birth year," she shared, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up her cheque. "Then number 39 came up and I had uncovered a box. I called out to my husband that we had won $100,000 but he didn't believe me.”

Elizabeth has no plans for her win yet.

"I'll find a way to celebrate this with my husband in a creative way. We'd love to take a trip but that's hard to do in a pandemic," she smiled.

The winning ticket was purchased at Big Bee Convenience on Concession St in Hamilton.

The OLG Prize Centre in Toronto is now accepting in-person prize claim appointments for winning-ticket holders of $10,000 or more. Appointments for prizes of this value will be granted if requested, however, prizes up to $49,999.90 do not have to be claimed in-person.

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