Hamilton ranked second in Canada for vegan-friendly restaurants


Published November 21, 2023 at 2:00 pm

Hamilton a vegan paradise? According to research conducted by BonusFinder Canada, the steel city ranked #2 in Canada for vegan-friendly restaurants, just behind Victoria.

Hamilton’s 89 vegan restaurants ranked sixth on the top ten list and eighth in vegan restaurants per capita but topped the nation in price and finished third in the restaurant review ranking. The city’s ‘Vegan-Friendly’ score of 7.62 was behind only Victoria (8.0) and ahead of London, Windsor, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Mississauga.

Bonus Finder Canada  gathered data from TripAdvisor and devised a point-based index, taking into account the presence of vegan restaurants or those offering vegan options with 4+ star ratings.

Affordability – the average price of plant-based meals in Hamilton was just $19.85 – and quality were the keys to Hamilton’s high vegan-friendly ranking, with its 4.35 score (out of 5) ranking it behind only Windsor (4.45) and London (4.37) in the study.

The report also cites Hamilton’s “scenic charm,” with its conservation areas and waterfalls that make the city an “absolute must-visit destination for all vegan enthusiasts over the holiday season.”

BonusFinder Canada singled out Planted in Hamilton on Locke Street in the downtown as a “must try” cafe “embracing vegan-friendly delights,” such as its signature tacos. “The entirety of the menu is crafted to be gluten-free, ensuring a welcoming experience for those with dietary restrictions. The cafe further boasts a diverse regular menu, featuring salads, sandwiches, main courses, and sides.”

Planted in Hamilton moved into its new location last year right next door to Democracy, another Hamilton vegan favourite.

The study also found that ‘vegan restaurants’ had been looked up more than 4,000 times in the past month in Canada, highlighting the growing demand for vegan-friendly destinations as Canadians look for more plant-based dining options.

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