Hamilton named among top under-the-radar foodie destinations in Canada


Well, Hamiltonians have known for a while but it seems the rest of the country is starting to realize the city's status as a destination for foodies.

Forbes has named Hamilton to be among the Top 7 under-the-radar foodie destinations you need to visit.

The report, published this past weekend, sung the praises of Canada's less well-known destinations for culinary delights and had some pretty effusive praise for Steeltown.

"It's no exaggeration to say that Hamilton offers one of Canada's top--if most unexpected--epicurean adventures," writes Forbes contributor Sandra MacGregor.

"The city has benefited massively from nearby Toronto's soaring cost of living, which has sent young would-be restaurateurs and ambitious chefs to Hamilton for an affordable way to make their names."

The eateries that get singled out in the article are The Burnt Tongue, Donut Monster, Brux House, Merit Brewing and Hambrgr.

McGregor points out that while the cities typically considered 'foodie destinations' are great, real foodies know that the best experiences take place a little off the beaten track.

Also on the list are Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec City, St. John's, Victoria and Saskatoon.

While the Hamilton hotspots singled out by Forbes are certainly among the cream of the crop in the city, they are just small sampling of what is happening here in terms of culinary delights.

Let's not forget that Berkeley North has earned a number of national accolades as being among the most romantic and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Canada, according to OpenTable.com.

And if you want to know where to go for the best eats in Hamilton, check out our Top 5s.

Also, there are a number of food bloggers who have done much to put Hamilton on the foodie map and if you're interested in knowing more, give Steeltown Chowdown a follow on the Insta because their knowledge of the local food scene is second to none.

Another Hamilton foodie with an active social media presence who is a helpful guide to the city's culinary scene is Tastehamont.

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