Hamilton listed among world's most intelligent communities


The City of Hamilton has been selected as one of the world's Smart21 Communities of 2020 by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), it was announced last week.

This is the third year Hamilton has been among the Smart21.

The Smart21 designation represents the best models of economic, social and cultural development in the digital age. Each nomination is evaluated based on the six Intelligent Community Indicators: broadband; knowledge workforce; innovation; digital equality; sustainability and advocacy.

"I am extremely proud that Hamilton has once again achieved the Smart21 community designation from ICF," said Mayor Fred Eisenberger in a press release. "The collaborative spirit and technological developments happening in our community signal that Hamilton is ready to thrive and prosper in the broadband economy."

Hamilton was among communities from 10 nations represented on the list. Communities in the U.S., Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, Estonia, New Zealand and France, among others, were selected.

This year, Hamilton is one of five communities in Canada that were singled out as Smart21 Communities of 2020. Fredericton, Markham, Newmarket and Winnipeg were also on the list.

In January 2015, the Global Hamilton Council advisory body with political, administrative, business and community representation was formed to provide advice to the City of Hamilton. This Council proposed that the City of Hamilton apply to the ICF for the "Intelligent Communities" designation.

Through the support of the Global Hamilton Council, Hamilton achieved the Smart21 designation in its first attempt in 2015.

ICF is a non-profit group that examines the capability of individual cities to prosper in a Broadband Economy and designates some of them as "Intelligent Communities."

Hamilton will now move forward and remain in contention for the prestigious designation of an Intelligent Community Top7, to be named in February 2020.

One of the seven will then be named Intelligent Community of the Year at the ICF 2020 Global Summit in Dublin, Ohio, in June 2020.

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