Hamilton homeowner snaps picture of intimidating visitor


A Hamilton Redittor shared a picture of an intimidating visitor they had at their home in the West End over the weekend.

User ‘altruly’ posted a picture of a large coyote peeping through their home’s front window.

This rather large coyote paid me a visit at 8:30 AM this past Saturday in Westdale,” altruly wrote in the post.

The noble beast, altruly wrote, then went on to take a long nap on a neighbour’s lawn.

Redditors were quick to question whether or not the coyote was in fact a wolf hybrid, given it’s massive size.

Coyote looking in my window (Westdale) from r/Hamilton

I wonder if that is a “coywolf”, because it does look very large for a coyote, which also tend to have more of a fox looking face than this guy,” wrote user uncivlengr.

Animal Control was notified of the coyote’s presence, altruly said later in the thread. “We did call animal control and they said that they would record the location,” they wrote.

Others in the thread were a little more lighthearted about the coyote’s presence.

Don’t leave any ACME mail-order catalogues laying around outside,” quipped CSM3000.

While it seems this coyote meant no harm, the City of Hamilton says that these animals can pose a threat to children and pets.

The City says if residents spot coyotes, they should do the following:

  • Stay calm if a coyote approaches you and wait until they move on.
  • Shout, clap your hands together or make a loud noise to scare coyotes away.
  • Tell your children to stay away from coyotes and other wildlife.
  • Call Animal Services at 905-574-3433 to report injured or dead wildlife.

To keep coyotes off your property, the city also offers the following suggestions:

  • Surround your property with a solid fence that is 1.8 metres (6 feet) high.
  • Get rid of bird feeders. They attract birds, squirrels and rodents, which may attract coyotes.
  • Keep your cat inside your house and keep your dog on a short leash or in your yard.

Photo courtesy Reddit user altruly

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