Hamilton farm revives old-school milk delivery at your doorstep


Published October 10, 2023 at 7:20 pm

Hamilton diary farm: Summit Station Dairy & Creamery
Courtesy: Summit Station Dairy

A family-run Hamilton farm is taking a leap back in time by reintroducing the traditional milkman service, that delivers milk in glass bottles right at the doorstep, weekly.

Summit Station Dairy & Creamery, run by the Loewith family, aims to bring back a sense of nostalgia through its delivery service.

“Some of you may remember lying in your childhood bed, hearing the jingling of the milkman bringing bottles to the door. Well, now that’s us!”

“We’re doing it all ourselves, and we’re focusing on neighbourhoods in Hamilton,” the farm stated on its website.

The process is simple, residents can enter their address to check if the farm currently delivers to their neighbourhood.

Customers can opt for either individual purchases or regular scheduled deliveries using the service.

They have the choice of selecting either single-serve or larger glass bottles filled with a variety of dairy products, including whole milk, chocolate milk, and cheese curds.

The farm recommends interested individuals to set up a profile, that helps them plan their delivery routes.

To ensure sustainability, they charge a $2 deposit fee on all glass bottles, irrespective of size.

Residents can return these bottles for a refund either at the farm’s store or their stalls during farmers’ markets and fairs.

Home delivery members can leave the empty and cleaned bottles at their doorstep for farm drivers to pick up.

Summit Station Dairy & Creamery over the years: 

In 1947, Joe Loewith purchased 100 acres in ‘Summit,’ the highest point along the railway line between Brantford and Hamilton.

Stations along the railway played a vital role in connecting communities and facilitating the transport of goods and people in the Niagara region. Local dairy farmers used to carry their metal cans with fresh milk and would converge on the station.

The farm began with 15 Holstein cows and was managed by Loewith, his wife Minna, and one farmhand.

Fast forward to the 1970s, and Loewith’s sons, Harry, Carl, and David, returned to the farm after completing their university degrees.

The generational torch had been passed, and with it, the family’s commitment to farming. Harry eventually pursued a career in cattle sales, while Carl and Dave took up management and ownership.

The farm was awarded the Ironman Award from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce in 2008. And has been named one of the Top 10 Best Managed Dairy Herds in Canada.

They currently have 450 Holstein cows that have all descended from the original 15 cows that started it all.

After being in the business for over 75 years, the Loewith family expanded their operations by opening a store that offers premium dairy products for purchase.

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