Update: In ‘major uniform change,’ Hamilton cops can start wearing baseball caps


Published July 28, 2023 at 2:05 pm


Hamilton police officers have the option to wear baseball caps for the first time.

The force announced the change in its uniform policy today (July 28) as an example of how it’s modernizing, innovating and building a more approachable image for the officers.

“The shift marks a major uniform change. Members have been lobbying the Service to adopt baseball caps as a practical cap solution that adapts to daily operational needs,” said Jackie Penman, spokesperson for the force, in an email to inthehammer.com. “Beginning on July 28, Hamilton Police may look a little different as officers can now opt to wear baseball caps as an alternative to the traditional forage cap as part of the Hamilton Police Service uniform.”

Penman said the traditional forage cap will still be reserved for higher ranking officers and for more formal occasions.

Baseball caps will be available to all sworn officers, special constables, cadets and auxiliaries, she added.

“This transition represents our commitment to modernization, innovation, and building a more approachable image for Hamilton Police,” said Chief Frank Bergen in a statement to inthehammer.com. “We know the baseball cap offers more versatility for our officers. It can also break down barriers and foster approachability between officers and the public.”

Hamilton police have been wearing other headgear such as tuques during cooler days. Some officers, for religious reasons,  have also been wearing turbans or veils.


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