Hamilton among the top 10 cities most likely to house bed bugs


Do you remember when ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’ was just an expression? 

Over the last few years, bed bugs have become a serious problem across the country. 

Recently, Orkin Canada released its list of the cities most infested with bed bugs. 

According to the data, the 10 cities where you are most likely to encounter bed bugs are as follows. 

  1. Toronto
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Vancouver
  4. St. John’s
  5. Ottawa
  6. Scarborough
  7. Halifax
  8. Oshawa
  9. Sudbury
  10. Hamilton

Unsurprisingly, many of the cities in the top 10 have large populations and are popular travel destinations. 

The findings are based on the number of commercial and residential bed bug treatments Orkin performed from January 1 to December 31, 2019. 

Those interested in viewing Orkin’s full list can do so here

Click here to learn more about how to report and deal with bed bugs in the City of Hamilton.

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