Green Christmas, near-record green December in Hamilton with just two cm of white stuff


Published December 28, 2023 at 8:55 pm

The great snowstorm of 2007 when 30.4 cm fell in Hamilton in one day on Feb. 13

With 112.3 cm of snow in the books for 2023, Hamilton is looking at a pretty normal pandemic-era snowfall for the year, though it is but a dusting compared to the 161.3 cm that fell in 2019 and less than half the 243.2 cm recorded in 2008.

What is unusual is the snow recorded this month. At just two centimetres and with just a slim possibility of any more coming this weekend, the month is shaping up to be the un-snowiest December in 65 years.

Last December wasn’t particularly snowy either, at just 6.3 cm.

The 243.2 cm that fell in 2008 is biggest annual accumulation since 1958 and it came two years after just 56.6 cm of the white stuff fell in 2006. Hamiltonians around in 1966 experienced almost two-thirds of that total in one day when 43.2 cm of snow landed.

All of which just shows that weather, as well as climate change, is an unpredictable thing. Between 1955 and 1987 Hamilton had 13 green Christmas Days. Between 1988 and 2021? Again, 13.

We can add this year to that total and make it 14.

But not to worry, snow lovers. The best (or worst, depending on your perspective) is yet to come, with January and February traditionally the snowiest – and coldest – of the months.

Maybe we can have a white Valentine’s Day?

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