Free Wi-Fi available in more than 100 locations in Hamilton


Published November 24, 2023 at 8:07 pm


With the internet an essential means of communication and a valuable informational, educational and economic tool that should be accessible to all, the City of Hamilton offers free wireless/wi-fi to all residents of visitors to the city in more than 100 locations.

The network is listed as ‘Hamilton Guest’ and no password is required to log on. All you need is a wireless/wi-fi-enabled laptop computer, tablet PC or smart phone.

The City considers high speed broadband availability across Hamilton a key economic driver and central to economic growth, making improved access and investments in broadband services a strategic priority.

Public computers are available at most Hamilton Public Library branches for free as well.

You can also test your internet performance by visiting the City’s Performance Site (hosted by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority) and view the Internet Performance interactive map to look at internet performance in Hamilton over the last three years.

This interactive map shows you where to find free wi-fi locations in Hamilton.

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