Flyer complaint snowballs into threats, negative reviews for Hamilton sushi eatery


Published August 29, 2023 at 5:16 pm


A Hamilton sushi restaurant was targeted with negative reviews and even threats after a complaint about one of its flyers, but it now says the “problem has been addressed.”

In an Instagram message replying to‘s request for details, the Hamilton Mountain restaurant Fishing Sushi wrote: “Hello, the problem has been addressed. You can see the full story on the Hamilton Spectator. We will not be sharing any information for confidentiality. Thanks for your concern.”

The Spectator had reported that a Hamilton resident had posted a TikTok last week detailing her complaints about the flyer getting stuck on the windshield of the person’s car and accused the restaurant of not doing enough to help. The individual did not want to be identified and had deleted the video. She appeared to have deleted her account as well.

In what’s been called review bombing, Fishing Sushi was flooded with negative Google reviews, phone calls and hostile social media messages after the TikTok went viral, including some reviews from people out of the country. The restaurant’s owner Hung Nguyen said he had offered a free gift card and apologized. He initially tried to give advice to the person on how to remove the flyer residue before the person posted the TikTok video, according to the report. The owner also told the person that he had reached out to the Toronto flyer company about the problem, but the video was still posted.

The person who posted the TikTok reportedly said she did not intend for Fishing Sushi to get harassed and was just frustrated about the situation.

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