Eligible Hamilton seniors can apply for water bill rebates


Published January 16, 2024 at 3:02 pm

Starting this year low-income seniors can get a little financial help on their water bills.

Seniors who already qualify for the Seniors Property Tax Rebate will automatically qualify for the new Seniors Utility Rebate, provided the property has an active metered water account.

If you’re already receiving the tax rebate, no action is required to start receiving the utility rebate, which will appear as a $145 credit on the June 2024 property tax bill.

If you are not receiving the Seniors Property Tax Rebate (65+) you may be eligible for a $223 property tax credit you can meet these qualifications:

  • You and/or your spouse are at least 65 years of age prior to January 1, 2023 (born 1957 or earlier).
  • Your combined income (applicant and spouse) is $41,800 or less as indicated on line 15000 (Total Income) of Canada Revenue Agency’s 2022 Notice of Assessment, adjusted for income splitting, if applicable. (If you have elected for pension income splitting, submit form T1032 – Joint Election to Split Pension Income).
  • You and/or your spouse occupy the residential property as your principal residence.
  • You and/or your spouse have owned the residential property for at least one year preceding the application date.
  • The assessed value of the residential property must be at or below $500,600.
  • Prior year property taxes are paid in full.

You can apply at any time during the year up to the last day of February to get the credit. The owner or spouse cannot apply for a deferral for more than one property in any year.

To apply, complete a 2023 Seniors (65+) Tax Rebate Form(PDF, 297.61 KB) and submit by mail to City of Hamilton, Corporate Services Department, Taxation Section, 71 Main Street West, 1st Floor, PO Box 2040 STN LCD 1 – Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 0A3. Or by fax at (905) 546-2449.

To learn more visit the City’s Tax Assistance Programs.

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