Driver clocked at twice the speed limit on Christmas Eve in Hamilton


Published December 27, 2023 at 2:26 pm

The cops clocked a driver moving at more than twice the speed limit on the Linc on Christmas Eve.

The driver was driving at an “alarming” 186 km/h on the Lincoln Alexander Pkwy, according to Hamilton Police. “This behaviour is reckless and endangers everyone on the road,” they said, “Over double the limit.”

“Speeding not only risks lives but also leads to severe consequences,” police continued. In this case, the driver lost their license for 30 days and had their car impounded for two weeks. :Let’s make conscious choices behind the wheel to ensure everyone’s safety,” police said, “This serves as a reminder to all of us: obey speed limits, drive responsibly, and respect the rules of the road. Let’s work together to create a safer driving environment for all.”


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