Death of suspected Hamilton hitman in jail sparks inquest


Published January 18, 2024 at 2:10 pm

Office of the Chief Coroner in Toronto.

A coroner’s inquest has been launched into the death of Abdelaziz Ibrahim, 25, a suspected hitman implicated in three murders.

One of those crimes was the 2018 murder of Marko Bakir in May 2022. Bakir had been shot dead in his driveway in what police believe was a targeted attack.

Ibrahim was also charged in connection to the death of Soheil Rafipour, 33, of Toronto in Richmond Hill. Mohamad El-Zahawi, 36 of Toronto, and Cory Chung, 23 of Kitchener, were also charged and later convicted of Rafipour’s murder. Finally, he was also charged with the death of Coby Carter, 22 of Hamilton in Brantford.

Police said the Rafipour murder may be connected to violence in the tow truck industry which has been plagued by violence in recent years. 

Ibrahim died in the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay on Aug. 16 while awaiting trial. His cause of death is not clear, though some believe it was a suicide, it has been described as a “sudden” death. In any such case of a sudden death in custody, the Ontario Coroner’s Office must launch an inquest.

“The inquest will examine the circumstances surrounding Mr. Ibrahim’s death. The jury may make recommendations aimed at preventing further deaths,” the office wrote. Dr. Geoffrey Bond will preside as inquest coroner and Jai Dhar will be inquest counsel.

The date and location of the inquest will be released at a later date.

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