City, North End neighbourhood come to agreement over West Harbour development


Groups representing a neighbourhood in Hamilton's North End and the City have come to an agreement over the development of the West Harbour in the area of Piers 6, 7 and 8.

Last week, the city issued a press release saying they and the neighbourhood groups had "agreed to a settlement before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT), that will resolve outstanding appeals" related to housing, parking and traffic concerns related to the development.

The agreement, the city says in the release, "will allow the City's vision of new mixed-use residential, commercial, and institutional development to proceed, while re-affirming the 'child and family-friendly' character of the North End neighbourhood."

Revisions to the plan include:

  • a commitment that 15 per cent of the total units built on Pier 8 must be "family units", defined as units with two or more bedrooms;
  • all required parking for Pier 8 must be provided within the Pier 8 lands, and not off-site;
  • required parking generated by uses on Piers 6&7 will only be accommodated north of Guise Street and Bay Street North, and there will not be a parking facility built under Bayview Park;
  • implementation of additional traffic calming and other improvements in the existing residential area; and
  • the City agrees to direct Planning staff to consider an amendment to the Setting Sail Secondary Plan that would permit a mixed-use or residential mid- to high-rise development for the existing institutional block, being Block 16, on the north-east development block on Pier 8, including the necessary planning analysis and public consultation.

The city has also agreed to implement additional traffic calming and other improvements in the existing residential area, including:

  • Extending the John Street cycle track;
  • Changes at the Ferguson/Burlington intersection to reduce the desirability of the intersection for through traffic;
  • The creation of a gateway feature at the intersection of James Street and Strachan Avenue.

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