Child and 2 adults injured in a dog attack in Hamilton


Published October 6, 2023 at 11:20 am

dog attack

A seven-year-old child and two adults were injured in a dog attack in Hamilton yesterday.

The attack happened as the girl and a woman were walking to school in the Kenilworth Avenue South and King Street East area on Thursday (Oct. 5) around 8:15 a.m., Hamilton Police tell

Police say they were initially called to assist ambulance for a report of  “multiple dogs attacking several people including a young child.”

There were four shepherd and pitbull cross dogs at a home — an adult male, adult female and two puppies, police found.

The dog’s caregiver was in his enclosed backyard with the dogs when the adult female dog got loose as the caregiver attempted to take the dogs back indoors through the side door, police said.

The side door was not enclosed by the backyard fence.

The female dog ran at the a 37-year-old woman and seven-year-old girl who were walking to school, police said.

The caregiver attempted gain control of the dog while it was lunging at the young girl. A person driving by saw what was happening and got out of his car and tried to help.

The dog was eventually corralled and taken back into the residence. Police tended to the injured individuals until paramedics arrived.

The dog caregiver and bystander driver sustained minor injuries to their hands and were taken to hospital.

The girl sustained a bite on her head and scratches to her arms and legs. She was also taken to hospital.

Fortunately, no one sustained life-threatening injuries, police said.

Animal Control have been informed of the incident.

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